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I am Nate Machado, a highly qualified professional exam teacher and I have worked in what I think are some of the best language schools. I have developed the perfect teaching method for you to learn English, in which you will be able to read, write, speak and comprehend the new language naturally using the topics selected exclusively for each student. You decide how and when to learn.

My Story

I consider myself to be a teacher/writer that likes filmmaking or taking cool photos of people and things that I love. I have a big collection of movies, tv series, books and pictures of people that (probably) only I know and I can’t live without music. I’m really anxious and I can’t stand some people and their thoughts. I’m passionate about photography, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and I love the noise straws make when my drink is almost finished. I also have a big list of things I hate but that’s it for now.

My work is focused on producing quality work and making a significant impact. I’m happy to apply the experience and skills I’ve obtained in my career in order to teach my students through my own methods and innovative thinking. 

I began my professional journey in 2015 and have since been lucky to have had the opportunity to collaborate on some exciting solo and collaborative projects. I take pride in all that I do and in the long-term relationships I’ve fostered in the process. I firmly believe that hard work eventually pays off, and I know that each day brings me closer to reaching my goals. From small, solo projects to creative collaborations, I’m always looking for the chance to explore something new and learn new things that I can apply to my work and personal life.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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